• ALL SALES FIRM. No exceptions (the downloaded Agreement allows you the ability to have a lawyer preview, pricing is from 1.3 Million – please ensure you are pre-qualified with your financial advisor). 

• Buyers may purchase ONE lot per HOUSEHOLD (I.e. Buyers sharing the same municipal address as indicated on their valid photo ID may not purchase more than 1 home). 

• Vendor will not accept agreements purchased “in-trust” or using corporate names. Builder will accept agreements signed through Power of Attorney, but Buyers must provide an original copy of the POA that must have been witnessed by two non-related people of different addresses. POAs for Buyers from out-of-country must have the POA notarized by a public notary or lawyer. 

• Buyers may not change or remove any names (for any reason under any circumstances), even between family members, but may add additional names to be done at a later time and by amendment. 

• Must bring 2 pieces of Valid ID consisting of government photo issue with Address. (I.e. Drivers license or passport plus a SIN card is required. Health Cards are NOT acceptable). 

• BRING 4 BLANK CHEQUES for deposit (does not have to be certified, no cash allowed). 

• To help limit traffic in the Sales Centre, please make alternate arrangements for your children and pet(s) rather than bringing them. 

• Vendor reserves the right to change the promotional package and prices for any unsold or unreleased lots at any time without notice. 

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Garden Homes discourages any line-ups prior to the official launch date.  Further, Garden Homes does not manage and is in no way affiliated with any line-up system or organizers who may or may not be present, and no employee, representative, or agent of Garden Homes will ever ask for payment of any kind with respect to “priority access”, “early access” or line-up privileges of any kind or nature.   Garden Homes, its employees, agents and representatives assumes no liability whatsoever for any injuries, loss, theft, costs or any other mishaps or misadventure that may occur to anyone who chooses to line-up ahead of the launch date and against the Builder’s wishes and intention. 



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